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The area of ZAMISEL d.o.o. activities covers:

  • software development to order
  • reference project evaluation
  • software solutions
  • research papers

whereas the field of work is mainly focused on CAM. Ask us by email for details !

Software development to order

is our main activity. We transfer full copyright of the software to you. Contact us early enough to reserve our resources for your project ! Look to the page of references of finished projects.

Currently we have free resources!

Reference project evaluation

If you develop the software in the house or order the software somewhere else, we can prepare project evaluation for reference only. In this case we do not reserve our resources.

Software solutions

Sometimes we offer the solutions we are using on the non-exclusive basis. This means that we keep the copyright while the customer gets the rights for use but not for transfer to others. Some of the software come in the form of preprogrammed chips and PCB modules.

Research papers

Sometimes we offer the papers/articles which present our research. We keep the copyright of the paper. You get the right to use one copy of the paper, you can't transfer to others.

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