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RST/ISP Controller for NXP ARM chips

L901 is an 8-pin chip programmed as RESET/ISP controller for NXP ARM7 and Cortex-M3 microcontrollers. It provides all signals to bring ARM into reset or ISP programming mode. Mode is selected by duration of push on single key. Morse code dot (E) generates signals for ARM reset, while Morse code dash (T) generates signals for ARM ISP. Command can be intercepted from key or from ARM processor itself. That way program in ARM can generate real hardware reset and put processor into ISP mode.

L901 is available in two different configurations, L901-2 and L901-3. L901-2 uses separate pin for command interception from ARM, while L901-3 uses the same pin as it is used for ISP. That pin is switched from input to output during execution of ISP mode and later back.

Descriptions of chips available for download:

Price of L901 is 2,00€. When customer reaches the quantity of 20 pieces cumulatively, the price drops down to 1,5€.

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