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Software development - references

We developed a program IDR BLOK for INEA d.o.o. The program IDR BLOK (c) Copyright INEA d.o.o. is a schematic block editor and online debugger. It is intended for use with Mitsubishi PLCs.


For the company FLEXMATIC d.o.o. we developed a program CANGON. The program CANGON (c) Copyright FLEXMATIC d.o.o. controls the CNC XYZ DC servo machines which use the isel CAN controllers. It has a reach set of features to support different variations of FLEXMATICs CNC machines.


We developed a series of programs for LPKF Laser & Electronics AG. They are running on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Some of them were originally developed for Windows 3.1 and later converted from 16-bit to 32-bit Win32 platform.

The program LPKF BoardMaster (c) Copyright LPKF AG is used to control the LPKF Circuit Board Plotters.

LPKF BoardMaster

The program LPKF StencilMaster (c) Copyright LPKF AG is used to control the LPKF StencilLaser laser machines.

LPKF StencilMaster

The program LPKF CircuitMaster (c) Copyright LPKF AG is used to control the LPKF MicroLine Drill 600 and LPKF MicroLine Cut 350 series of laser machines.

LPKF CircuitMaster

For the company PRINSIS d.o.o. we developed a program Pricom. The program Pricom (c) Copyright PRINSIS d.o.o. manages a lot of UPS stations in a large region.


All the programs above run on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/7. They are written in C and Delphi.

We have also experience with Visual Basic, SQL and Linux, to mention just a few languages and platforms we are working on.

Regarding embedded solutions we have experience with ARM and PIC controllers. We use GNU C/C++ compiler.

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